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Jill Bernhardt | Jill B Designs | Web & Graphic Design

Jill Bernhardt (the "d" is silent)

Web & Graphic Designerd (the "d" is still silent)

I'm Jill Bernhardt (pronounced burn + heart, the "d" is silent), a web and graphic designerd (the "d" is still silent) who designs creative solutions in both pixels and print - including marketing materials, UI/UX design, Wix websites, social media graphics, and more

I work with businesses of all sizes, and especially enjoy working with small businesses and passionate people doing good in the world. (Is your project focused on environmental activism, social equality, or education reform? Those are my passions, too. Let’s work together!)

Good design is a collaborative process. My previous experience as a programmer and business analyst in the tech industry taught me to ask the right questions, fully understand the business need, and focus on both the details and the big picture. I love combining my creativity, curiosity, analytical and design skills to create solutions that meet my customer’s needs.

When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my family, being walked by my big dog, practicing photography, learning new ways to reduce my environmental impact, visiting the ocean, or trying to convince my family to watch Star Wars movies with me again. 

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